Thursday, 20 February 2014

Learn Arabic in London

Ibrahim Othman, a confident, animated and versatile teacher with an in depth understanding of the Arabic language and a wealth of linguistic knowledge accumulated whilst studying for a Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics in the UK and previous studies of Arabic at the University of Damascus. A flexible individual with significant practical teaching experience in classroom settings and private tuition, who is proficient in producing detailed lesson plans and creating and adapting learning materials to suit all learning styles.
All lessons are tailored to your needs and course materials are provided.
Themes covered:
•1. Media Arabic: Specialised tuition to learn how to read and understand press and communication material. Listen to TV and Radio and understand the total meaning of the news. Analyse news and make comments about all elements of news on Arab TV and Radio.
•2. Modern Standard Arabic: Standardised form of classical Arabic used for formal   communication in all countries of the Arab world.
•3.Spoken Levantine and Gulf Arabic
4.• Business Arabic: Develop communicative skills in a wide range of business contexts including negotiating and courtesies.

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